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PLASMA Cutting System
Fast Tendon Cutting in/out of the Pocket
  • Use for applications or preferences that will not accept a PocketShear® or acetylene/oxygen torch
  • Standard system requires external air supply and 230 vac electrical supply
  • Available with 25' or 50' cable packages
  • Cut tendons quickly and effortlessly with this 65amp system
  • FlushCut™ tip allows almost straight cuts and easily provides coverage for the grease-cap and required concrete coverage
  • System includes "wedge-guard" tool to protect encapsulated components during the cutting operation

Input Power: 200 - 280 vac
Output Current: 20 - 65 amp
Cable Package: 25' or 50'

Model Chart
Strand Diameter
Model Number Tool Type Electrical Specifications Torch
0.8 Elect. H010318* PLASMA System 25' 200-480 52-22 FlushCut™ 64
0.8 Elect. H010319* PLASMA System 50' 200-480 52-22 FlushCut™ 70
0.8 Elect. H010306 Power Unit 200-480 52-23 n/a 57
0.8 n/a H010307 FlushCut™ Head-25' n/a n/a FlushCut™ 7
0.8 n/a H010309 FlushCut™ Head-50' n/a n/s FlushCut™ 13
n/a n/a H010308 Work Lead-25' n/a n/a n/a 3
n/a n/a H010310 Work Lead-50' n/a n/a n/a 6
n/a n/a H010311 Starter Kit n/a n/a n/a 1

*Includes Power Unit, FlushCut™ Torch, Work-Lead and Starter Kit;

Model Number Description
H010312 Cap, FlushCut™ 65
H010313 Swirl Ring; FlushCut™ 65
H010314 Electrode; PLC65
H010315** Electrode Bulk Pack
H010316 Nozzle Assembly
H010317 Retaining Ring

**The pack is in a bulk of 25

FlushCut™ is a registered trade mark of Hypertherm® Inc.

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