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Posi-Lock PLUS
Encapsulated Anchor Systems

Posi-Lock PLUS
  • Void Displacement Sleeve eliminates the need for additional taping or PT Coating applications in the field
  • Threaded and Push-Cap style grease caps available for the Live-End, depending on project preference
  • Unique molding process increases strength in the nail hole area, reducing potential leakage
Posi-Lock PLUS10 (additional features)
  • Seal-Lock feature provides mechanical joint between anchor tube and tendon sheath and also an "energized" seal, and requires no installation tools (patent pending)
  • Two anchor to tendon sheath seals offer redundancy in sealing system
  • All sealed joints on the Posi-Lock PLUS10 are designed, tested and certified to 10 psi (over 6 times more than PTI requirements)

Strand Sizes: .5 and .6 inches
Wedge Type: 2-part
Coating Type: Encapsulated


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