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One-Time Use Products
Trusted and Recognized Brand
  • SURE-LOCK® Wedges
    - Custom sizes and configurations
    - Pulling wedges
    - Cable-stay wedges
  • SURE-LOCK® Anchors
    - SURE-LOCK® Mono-strand castings
    - SURE-LOCK®II Mono-strand castings
    - Multi-strand wedge plates
  • SURE-LOCK® Chucks
    - Splice chucks safely connect two sections of strand
    - RCB chucks for "In-Pocket" stressing
    - Chucks include 2-part wedge without ring (available with other wedge types)
  • ICC-ES report ESR-2381 ensures SURE-LOCK® and SURE-LOCK®II single strand anchorage systems comply with the prevailing building codes
  • All SURE-LOCK® Post-Tensioning Anchorage Systems comply to Los Angeles City requirements per report RR 24938

Strand Sizes: 1/4 to 6/10 inches
Wedge Type: 2-part, 3-part
Coating Type: Unplated

Model Chart
Strand Size
2-Part Wedge
Model Number
2-Part Wedge
with Ring
Model Number
3-Part Wedge
with Ring
Model Number
0.5" Anchor
Model Number
0.5" Anchor
Model Number
0.6" Anchor
Model Number
Chuck Body
Model Number
RCB Chuck
Body Model
1/4 F250SL2 F250SL2R F250SL3R F5CA F5TCA - F8B RCB
3/8 F375SL2 F375SL2R F375SL3R F5CA F5TCA - F8B RCB
7/16 F437SL2 F437SL2R F437SL3R F5CA F5TCA - F8B RCB
1/2 F500SL2 F500SL2R F500SL3R F5CA F5TCA - F8B RCB
1/2 F500SLJ2 F500SLJ2R F500SLJ3R - - F6CA F13B -
6/10 F600SL2 F600SL2R F600SL3R - - F6CA F13B -

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