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Tendon Finishing Tools

Precision-Hayes International can supply the most complete line of portable shearing tools. We are the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the PocketShear® line of strand shearing products, the only flameless solution to tendon shearing inside the pocket. We also offer the Utility Shear for tendon cutting around the shop and on the job site. The Utility Shear offers a fast, quiet and safe alternative to abrasive chop-saws.

PocketShear® Tendon Finishing Tools

• Flameless strand shearing in the pocket
• Available in battery and hydraulic
• Models for .5" and .6" strand

Utility Shear

• Flameless strand shearing in the shop
  or in the field
• Cuts up to .74" strand material
• 115 vac power required

PLASMA Cutting System

• Fast Tendon Cutting in/out of the Pocket
• Available with 25' or 50' cable packages


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